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Partnership and shareholder disputes can easily paralyze or destroy an otherwise successful business if they are not resolved in a timely and efficient manner. Because these types of disputes can center around structurally critical issues such as who is actually controlling the direction of the enterprise, it is essential that partners and shareholders are able to resolve disputes while inflicting the least amount of damage to the business.

There are two primary means of resolving disputes among partners and shareholders of a business:

  • Working to resolve disputes before litigation — There is much that can be done to resolve a dispute before litigation becomes necessary. Thorough examination of the structure of the business may reveal options for moving forward. Negotiation between the parties and their attorneys can also break deadlock. I will utilize every available means to help resolve your dispute.
  • Commercial litigation — I have extensive experience as a trial lawyer, which can help create positive results for my clients.

For Dispute Resolution And Corporate Litigation, I Focus On Results

At The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg, Esq., P.L.L.C., in New York, I understand the damage that can be done by a dispute among partners or shareholders. I bring tremendous depth of knowledge on partnership and shareholder law that allows me to take steps to minimize the damage to clients’ interests while helping them pursue resolutions that move them past their disputes.

The time and money spent fighting a dispute often drain resources needed for building on more productive endeavors. I will help you pursue the best possible resolution so that you can return your focus to moving forward.

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