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I am committed to providing clients with the highly effective results that they need. I serve individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners throughout all boroughs and other counties in New York as well as appellate state courts and federal courts, including Eastern District of New York and Southern District of New York. I also serve clients in New Jersey and abroad.

My approach has always involved creating advantages for my clients through utilization of a detailed knowledge of the law, extensive trial experience and a creative approach to dispute resolution. By excelling in these three areas — knowledge, experience and creativity — I am often able to resolve even the most complex disputes.

Delivering The Results That Clients Need

As a lawyer, I focus on providing clients with a resolution that is efficient and effective. My mission is to obtain the best results available. If I can resolve the dispute without having to litigate, I will. I have been able to generate positive results for clients in the past through various prelitigation dispute resolution techniques.

Serving the business community, I understand that results are what matters. When I can secure positive results at lower cost and in a more timely manner than through litigation, my clients benefit. When litigation is unavoidable, I have the necessary experience to build the case my clients need.

My commitment is to provide my clients with the skilled and experienced representation needed to pursue the outcome they need and to move forward.

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