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Client Testimonials

I reached out to Aaron to help me resolve a business matter when I thought I would never find the truth and fight for it. Aaron not only took charge very quickly over this case, but in a very short period of time found such a great solution and resolved it in my very best interests. Court hearings were both in my favor. I was extremely impressed by Aaron‘s professionalism and his determination to fight for my case. His extreme confidence and also his knowledge make a strong impression. It was a true honor! To this day, I feel very blessed to have had Aaron represent me through a difficult time. It was a great success, and I strongly recommend Aaron to anyone in need of solutions to business-related issues. He fights strongly for his clients.
– S. Dama

I was on the verge of eviction when I contacted Mr. Schlossberg. I needed representation in court because without a lawyer, I found that I was treated very unfairly. Mr. Schlossberg was able to make the unpleasant experience very tolerable. The interaction with the opposing lawyer was handled professionally and swiftly and I was out of the building very quickly. I truly appreciated everything that Mr. Schlossberg did concerning that case. I highly recommend the services of Mr. Schlossberg to anyone that needs an honest and knowledgeable lawyer.
– Kim S.

I reached out to Aaron to help me resolve a business issue. I had several clients who had not paid their final billings and it totaled too much to simply walk away. Aaron took charge immediately. Court hearings were set and soon after a resolution was reached in my favor. I was particularly impressed by Aaron‘s poise and professionalism in the courtroom. His knowledge, confidence and easy manner makes for a great first impression with everyone he encountered. So fortunate to have had him on my side and not as opposing counsel!
– Ruth Robles

My business suffered tremendous losses during Hurricane Sandy. Since I didn’t have a separate flood policy, no attorney wanted to handle my case. Aaron, a client of my accounting firm for over ten years, decided to take the case. His extensive experience as an attorney working for large insurance companies was invaluable in the outcome of my case. Although I knew it was a long-shot to win, Aaron found inconsistencies in the policy contract that significantly strengthen my case. During the initial mediation, I watched Aaron skillfully deconstruct the carrier’s position while strengthening my situation. Like a skillful boxer, he delivered potshots and blows to the carrier’s representative, setting him up for a knock out. After a formidable battle, Aaron procured a settlement that will help me cover some of the expenses that were incurred from the losses. Great job, Aaron!
– Alexander Sikarevich, business owner

Aaron Schlossberg is an incredibly efficient and effective attorney. He is dedicated and committed to his clients with an admirable and impressive work ethic. He negotiated an incredible resolution for my company in an extremely timely fashion. I feel strongly that anybody would be very lucky to have him as their lawyer.
– Erica Bines, Owner, Headline Talent Agency

October 2012 was a devastating time for my family and me. We lost our primary residence to Superstorm Sandy, and anywhere I turned I could not find the proper support staff to address my concerns and to even comprehend what the future would hold for us. After several months of searching and many sleepless nights as I searched through a vast number of attorneys throughout the New York City and Long Island vicinity, I was fortunate enough to have been introduced to Aaron. Aaron dedicated himself to my case and reviewed all the facts carefully before coming back with an intelligent plan of action. Everyone else that I had a consultation with prior to Aaron suggested that I file for bankruptcy. Not Aaron. He saw the light at the end of the tunnel and was able to dissect through my insurance binders and mortgage documents and save me from blemishing my credit and name for something that was not my fault and that I had no control over. I only wish that more home owners impacted by Sandy would reach out to Aaron and know that yes, there is someone out there that understands the hardship you are facing and is able to help get you through this nightmare without simply instructing you to file bankruptcy because it’s most convenient. I have a special needs child that I have to support and provide for. I cannot afford to lose everything that I worked so hard for because the bank and the insurance company are greedy and refuse to disperse my insurance funds that I am entitled to and paid for so diligently for several years.
– Christa S.

After proving his abilities to me by winning a variety of difficult cases for both myself and several colleagues, I selected Aaron Schlossberg to be one of only a handful of attorneys to be included as a Silver Suites / Silverstein Properties Trusted Advisor. To this date, he has yet to disappoint. Everyone I refer him to has been extremely satisfied with his professionalism and abilities, as well as his knowledge in a wide array of legal matters. It is without hesitation that I am confident in referring his services to anyone needing professional legal counsel.
– Mathieu Schepard, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Silver Suites

After years and experiencing dealing with multiple attorneys, I had the good fortune to meet Aaron Schlossberg. In a fraction of the time, he was able to provide a solution to a costly and stressful business negotiation. His expertise is equally balanced with intelligent strategy and a firm stance. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an attorney who can accomplish overcoming great obstacles with assurance and poise.
– Candice S.

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