New York Insurance Dispute Resolution Attorney

We all rely on the concept of insurance to provide financial security against various types of accidents or other adverse events. Auto insurance, homeowners insurance and health insurance are some of the most common forms of insurance cause disputes for consumers. For business owners, commercial general liability policies can be a source of a dispute. We can help individuals and business owners recover the compensation which their insurance policy provides.

Has A Claim Been Denied In New York? Our Lawyer Resolve Disputes.

When an accident or other type of event you are insured against occurs, you rightly expect to be covered and appropriately compensated. Unfortunately, in some instances your expectations of what is covered does not match the insurance company's interpretation. Our experience with insurance law and as litigators can help resolve your insurance dispute.

Experienced Insurance Coverage Analysis

Understanding exactly how real-world circumstances match up with the coverage provided by an insurance policy can be a difficult task even for those who are in the business of providing insurance. Attorney Aaron M. Schlossberg has extensive experience in insurance coverage analysis. He helps individuals, brokers and insurance companies determine exactly what is and is not covered under a particular policy.

Delivering The Results Our Clients Need

At The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg, Esq., P.L.L.C., our attorney serve individuals, brokers and insurance companies that are in need of representation on insurance-related issues. We help individuals fight denied claims as well as offer representation that understands the nuances of insurance law.

Our extensive trial experience coupled with our in-depth knowledge of insurance law allows us to serve the needs of all parties to insurance disputes. That specific insurance law experience is a necessary element to successful insurance cases. There are many aspects to insurance law, which even a seasoned litigator is unlikely to know without specific experience with insurance law. Let us provide you with highly effective insurance law representation you need to resolve your situation.

Skilled Insurance Law Representation

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