Attorney Providing Local Counsel For Litigation In New York

Businesses across the U.S. and around the globe do business in New York City. Disputes arise and lawsuits are filed every day. But even the best in-house counsel cannot adequately represent your company in a New York court if your operations are hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

New York's Experienced Local Counsel For Litigation And Dispute Resolution

If you are corporate in-house counsel seeking local outside counsel for a dispute or litigation matter in New York, call The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg, Esq., P.L.L.C., in Manhattan. Under the direction of experienced corporate law attorney Aaron Schlossberg, our lawyer has earned a reputation for hard-hitting, knowledgeable and effective strategies, whether resolving disputes outside of the courtroom, or serving as litigation counsel.

Close Communication Is Key

Our services include pre-litigation dispute resolution, if that is the strategy your business wishes to pursue. We know that communication is key to an effective co-counsel relationship. We report regularly and respond to calls and messages as soon as possible. We review court decisions and keep you apprised of how the decision and opposing counsel's actions may impact the case.

Our experience includes serving as local outside counsel or co-counsel in matters related to:

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