New York Attorney Providing Outside Counsel Assistance

Even the best in-house counsel benefits from knowledgeable assistance provided by outside counsel that knows the legal lay of the land in New York litigation matters.

At The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg, Esq., P.L.L.C., in Manhattan, our lawyer offer highly skilled commercial counsel and advocacy to business owners and in-house counsel who require assistance with any sort of business law or insurance law matter.

Our assistance generally falls into two categories:

  • Outside/inside counsel — Many business owners and entrepreneurs find themselves facing situations where the most cost-effective way to satisfy the legal needs of their business is to secure outside representation as needed rather than maintaining in-house counsel. We work to develop ongoing relationships with our clients. In doing so, they are able to have the confidence that comes from being able to turn to a law firm that knows their business without having to assign resources to supporting inside counsel.
  • Supporting inside counsel — The demands a business may place on its inside counsel can vary dramatically. At times when additional resources could make a positive difference, our firm offers its support to inside counsel that is looking to work with a law firm that is focused on commercial law and insurance matters. Our depth of experience allows us to integrate seamlessly and help inside counsel generate the results they need to provide.

Delivering The Results Our Clients Need

At The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg, Esq., P.L.L.C., we are able to provide our clients all of the advantages of inside counsel on an as-need basis. Our wide-ranging trial, insurance coverage analysis and commercial law experience allows us to fill a wide range of gaps in a business's legal resources. We understand how to help our clients achieve their goals with the most efficient and effective means. Many of our business clients appreciate our ability to offer creative, out-of-the-box solutions that can help them leapfrog to the resolution they need. We serve clients throughout all boroughs and other counties in New York as well as appellate state courts and federal courts, including Eastern District of New York and Southern District of New York. We also represent clients in New Jersey and abroad.

Exceptional Support To Inside Counsel

Let our firm help you secure the resolution your business needs. Schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled attorney by calling 646-698-8752 or contacting our office online.